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Product Schedule for 2020


    1) Chat Helper Browser Extensions - May 2020
    2) Stream Screencap Manager - May 2020
    3) Stream Clip Manager - June 2020
    4) Stream Custom Analytics - later 2020
    1) Chat Helper Android Extensions - later 2020


    Monday - social media, help, documentation
    Tuesday - off
    Wednesday - Youtube dev & launch
    Thursday - Twitch dev & launch
    Friday - business and partner development
    Saturday - R & D
    Sunday - what is needed most

For Platforms:

  • Youtube 1.0.0 Stream Chat Extension for Google Chrome browser
    early access beta release
  • Twitch 1.0.0 Stream Chat Extension for Google Chrome browser
    early access beta release
  • (when it debuts)
    (when it debuts)

    Project Goals


    Provide better user experience for reading stream chat

    Introduce keybinds & make them as usable as Fortnite

    Document better what you can do & how you can do it in a stream

    Introduce features that viewers & streamers have asked for

    Live stream captions & voice reading of chat containing keywords

    What are Annotations?


    Non Top 5 Streamer Visibility & Marketing

    Clip Hierarchy & Order

    Clip Backup & Duplication

    Auto Clip Compilations

    Connection to the Ongoing Live Stream

    What are Clips?

    Featured Streamers

    Featuring publicly mid-size streamers using one of our services

    For visibility and promotion of our streamers

    For the benefit and growth of professional streamers and positive communities

    What are Caps?

    Channel Community Analytics

    For larger channels for streamers, channel editors, community managers and moderators.

    Updates and News

    Early screenshots of what you will use

    Use keybinds to quickly toggle chat between groups or roles. Mods, vips, subs, bots, regular viewers only chat.
    Or set options to always hide/show/style chat how you want.
    Save chat thru entire live stream(s) and be searchable later by user, keyword and more.
    View chat how you want by combining options/keybinds such as styling and hiding.
    Take easy screencaps and timestamp moments via keybind of your streams highlights for your viewers just joining the stream to browse while they are watching your live stream.
    Take easy video clips via keybind of your streams highlights for your viewers just joining the stream to browse while they are watching your live stream.
    Search your channel's previous stream chats for a user, keyword or phrase or browse previous livestream chats to look for something without living your current live stream.

    Why this? Why now?

    In 2015-2018 we watched, chatted, moderated and financially supported a lot of live gaming streams on Youtube, Twitch and then Mixer. In 2019, we had to take some time off to deal with some personal issues. We have noticed that stream and channel growth has somewhat hit a plateau for many independent creators. So, we will do what we can to build and launch things to hopefully help jump start channel growth again. In 2020, a world health event has forced us to stay inside our place. We want to use this extra time inside to start a mini renaissance of positive creativity at this time of so much destruction, turmoil and negativity.

    Q & A

    Q: Why do you say that channel growth is somewhat stagnant for the majority of channels you see? Cant you fix notifications?

    A: Notifications and users' rights/privacy are a tricky subject to fix. It seems to be easier to improve streams, stream usability and share good streamers rather than overwhelm viewers for our small development team at this time.

    Q: Why not focus on one platform? "Historically speaking, monopolies are great. Kodak, Internet Explorer, MySpace, Blackberry, etc...the world jumped ahead in innovation when only one choice was available, and they are all still number one today in their fields."

    Q: Is this for only gaming live streams? Chat seems to be going by slow enough for me when I am playing. I can read chat just fine.

    A: Live streaming is bigger than we think. There is a live stream with 500 viewers right now if you look hard enough. There is a gaming livestream, there is an IRL/just chatting livestream, there is a sports talk podcast, there is a political debate livestream, there is a dating advice or MGTOW livestream, there is a music, art or building livestream, there is a career or travel livestream, there is a church livestream, there is a livestream for little children and there is a livestream for adults...and they all could have 100-500 concurrents or more. Yesterday, there were 100 total livestreamers in the world, and they were playing League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Minecraft. Tomorrow, there could be millions of livestreamers in the world, and they could be playing IRL Dungeons and Dragons, Super Mario rom hacks, medical advice chat, VR game chat, gardening chat, world battle royale e-sports tournaments or other things we can't imagine today. So are building with open eyes to the future. Look at the 2000s and history of online video. First, there were memes and wacky homemade content. Then, there was let's plays of an entire game (no face cam). Then, there were highlight best kills videos and reaction videos to games like Call of Duty. Then, there were play through the game live streams. Then there were single game battle royale competition live streams. This will continue, but some new trend may come along, and we are building to what is happening now vs what happened when we started our channel 2 years ago. We like gaming, but if someone says "Can you help me with my just chatting streams" we aren't going to kick them to the curb just because they are not gaming all the time.

    Q: Is this a large company? Is this a full time company?

    A: No. This is a creative side project in our off-time in quarantine. Please read the schedule above. Thank you.

    Q: How are you going to do clips better and more high res than X platform?

    A: We are not. We are going to innovate on other aspects of stream clips and stream features. We are small and can take in streamer input and play around with new ideas without a large board to approve everything.

    Q: Why do I need to use your product when I need to get more gifted subs and donations and monitization?

    A: Make people happy, and they will pay for it. We focus on what viewers, moderators and streamers want from the livestream experience in terms of making it easy to use and share, and the hope is that it will translate into happier people willing to contribute. This is the reverse of "give me money now, and maybe I will think about giving you what product you want later". Analogy -- we live on a college campus near the sports stadium. There are 2 restaurants near each other by us. One is some kind of 50's diner with a variety menu and loud rockabilly music. It was definitely someone's dream. Another is an on-the-go simple chicken fingers take-out place in which you can also go and hang out for free on the tables in front after the game. The 1st diner is always trying to get you to buy this and that special, and the rules are always changing and confusing, and its often empty. The 2nd place is just usually full of people coming to or from the stadium where they can pregame/postgame and talk about the game without loud music overpowering them. We aspire to be like the 2nd place -- we walk back and forth between the dorm and the stadium and then say, "What do I want by doing this every weekend?" Then we make that. Of course you have suburban realtors who say "I have never been to a game there or lived at that dorm, but I need to you build this for them". We ignore them and go back to living at the dorm and going to the games and then make that process better.

    Q: What is the end goal of this?

    A: The End Goal is so you as a streamer/organization/moderator can be more on top of your game and help you look better as a streamer.

    Q: Is this free?

    A: Currently, yes it is, with paid add-ons.

    Q: Who owns or funds this?

    A: Currently, this is 100% owned and funded by the founder and developer only.

    Q: Who will this help?

    A: Live streaming for concurrents of 10 - 5000.
    This can work for higher numbers but generally a live stream of 10-50,000 viewers is difficult to read all messages.
    If you are live streaming to 3 people, you dont need this or tools or other technology -- you need to connect with an audience first.
    Using this or a more expensive camera are not going to get your first core viewers but they will help you with a busier chat and a group that likes you or your game/topic/personality/message/professionalism/etc.

    Q: Real reason?

    A: This is a corona virus 2020 stay at home creative project to personally heal and pass the time. You might think its not very good, and it might inspire you to make better things than this. If this fails but it inspires you to make something better, than this project is a success for that reason.

    Q: Why support on Patreon, SubscribeStar or Paypal?

    A: So that we can hire others who are out of work at this time to help improve this project to improve you as a streamer.

    Q: Why do you need to support __ platform? I think its terrible, you should only make stuff for my platform.

    A: The thing about real creativity and art and hobby, as opposed to views, likes, clicks, popularity, trending, is that in the former you can just do things and be satisfied that you've done them and live on. I think some people have forgotten what excitement is to other people. "I just went to Wal-Mart to get 10 frozen cheese pizzas, that's exciting for me." What's also exciting to someone else? Having someone pay for unlimited plane rides to ship you to all 200 nations on Earth and eat and drink at a local cafe in each one for free. How to become famous -- play TLOU2 on Twitch at 7pm EST and have 6.66 jumpscares with the neon lights setup and ... How to get new ideas and see new perspectives: make something with Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, Caffeine, Brime, Dlive, Trovo, etc... and see the process and result for yourself. And don't be like "well its only X platform, therefore I don't have to put in any effort at all. Oh, see! No results. I knew this platform was trash, I didn't get 100 followers my first stream". Some platforms can be better than others, but we make a point here to be honest with our art and ourselves to learn from everything and not just have the attitude in the general population "well I didn't exercise today so these diet pills don't work". I may think Twitch software is great -- however, at the time of this writing, there were at least 500 current Minecraft streams on Twitch with less viewers than the top 7 streams on Trovo and I stopped counting in page after page of 5 viewers -- what if there are 1000? What if 10,000 Minecraft streams at any one day on Twitch? In a typical 57,024 second waking day, if you watched 6 seconds of every Minecraft stream running on Twitch in a day, you might be able to view each one before passing out. I just heard about Trovo last month, this is not an endorsement to move there, just a story example. There's a 50/50 chance that real art, real growth, real new ideas might not come from a TV with 2000 channels of The Office reruns, even if The Office is great and we love it. So if we can watch The Office and say "what a well produced good show" and then also spend part of our time watching indie kung fu movies from the 70s, indie sci-fi psycho thriller bootleg tv shows, indie Bollywood etc...we can get a better feel on new entertainment ideas to try to integrate. Example customer: "Streaming is dead. My lawyer can prove that no human can start today and get 100 views. Its totally dead for everyone. Give up and make what I want for free." Us in July 2020: "My friend Emily started yoga on the roof recently on Instagram live and gets 1200-1500 views, Kang Gaming does Animal Crossing premieres on Youtube for 200-1000 viewers, Drake is on Caffeine with Rap League, RobertPG is up 50,000 followers for last 2 months of FIFA on Twitch, KingGothalion is streaming to 2k viewers on No Man's Sky on Facebook Gaming, people are making it in unorthodox ways, you just aren't looking hard enough. Be happy for them". "Well, you should only support one platform, my platform. I can't be happy for them." This is why we can't make one cool feature for one platform which will help everyone become rich and famous -- everyone's "thing" that they are known for is different.

    Q: I asked for X feature. When will it be done?

    A: We cannot promise anything but to work according to our posted schedule and make things that work functionally well.


    As seen and given feedback on by streamers and stream lovers at Pax East, Pax West, Pax South, Vidcon, TwitchCon, Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, 1871 Chicago, Too Many Games convention, and more! 2018-2019

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    Special thanks to Bloocifer, Azralynn and family, LexIsOnFyre, CoolHandLuke, Todd, Jen, Nate, Barbara, Josh Action, Mousey Kireena, Savage, Dustin for the feedback, ideas and advice. Special thanks to 5tat, Alpha Gaming and Gael Level for the ideas and advice. Special thanks to Devin Nash for meeting with me and discussing how to help the streamers and industry. Special thanks to One Shot Gurl for allowing me to moderate her channel and gather many of these ideas for building this. Special thanks to Han and John for listening.

    Dedicated to my grandfathers, I never knew you much but I know you sacrificed yourselves for our country's freedom and well-being. To my dad, not sure if you can understand or comprehend this now but I am appreciative of how you worked for the family. To those who advised me to pick up a positive creative side project (like this) to deal with my down-ness during this tumultuous time, thank you it is helping me push through. Thanks to Jesus Christ, my inspiration. Thanks to in no order Daniel Ally, Marina Mogilko, Ole Børud, Tony Colman, Makoto, Daniel Williamson, Brian LeRoux, Drew Marshall, Neal Morse, James Nguyen, Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey, Walter Payton, Simone Collins, Peter Thiel, Derek From, Eric Barone, Troy Henikoff, Kirk Lashley, Neal Sáles-Griffin, MattHortonUK for the inspiration over the years.

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