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3rd party support for Glimesh.TV

Glimesh is a new live streaming video service which came out on March 2nd, 2021. You can see it at Glimesh.TV

If you will be using Glimesh as a viewer, moderator, or streamer,
you might be wondering what wonderful add-ons you can use to help you stream, watch or interact better.

You might have used BetterTTV, MixItUp, Youtube Enhancer, or something like that on another platform.
On this page below, you can find extensions, add-ons, bots, and tools to make your Glimesh streaming experience better!

We are not associated, owned or funded by Glimesh TV or any link on this site or vice versa.
We hope the best for the people at Glimesh.TV and seek to enhance the platform and help streamers on it improve their game.

Downloads for use with Glimesh

Download Browser Extension

Only desktops/laptops can download this.

You can download and use the Glimesh Booster to enhance and empower your experience when streaming or viewing streams on Glimesh.TV. No information is collected besides public info such as your username and browser type, all options within can be turned off one by one, and you may delete or re-install at any time. Stream and chat like a pro! It currently works on PC, MacOS, and Linux desktop and laptop computers for Google Chrome and Chromium type browsers such as Brave Browser, Edge Browser and Opera GX Gaming. It enhances the Glimesh live stream experience.

Login with Glimesh and buy keycode for Annotations ability in extension listed above

Only desktops/laptops can download this.

Login with Glimesh and buy keycode for Screencaps ability in extension listed above

Only desktops/laptops can download this.

Login with Glimesh and buy keycode for Screenclips ability in extension listed above

Only desktops/laptops can download this.

The following streamers are pre-approved for annotes, caps and clips addons above in the July 2021 Alpha test. If you are one of the following, download the base extension above and contact us through email or discord to get your free access codes.

  • justsimy
  • Ember
  • cheese
  • Britsurugi
  • chalk
  • RibenaBerri
  • IgoorCL
  • Nekron
  • Paco1342
  • ryfi
  • Xtrema
  • glimesh
  • Glimboi
  • JimmyMac
  • Mytho
  • BekkisOfNorway
What do you get from using this?

You, the stream community, writes down ideas of features that you would like whether on streams, social media, Discord, etc... and then we try to make them come alive here. Its the streaming platform that streamers, mods and supporters would make!

Toggle 1 click or 1 keybind options to use

  • Click button, keybind or speak a command to focus your cursor into the chat box to type a message to chat
  • Record chat into a searchable chat log silently in the background, filtering out commands and bot messages.
  • Search the current stream's chat or previous streams' chat for users, keywords, and other filters
  • Toggle or hide a keybind menu overlay at any time
  • Increase or decrease chat font size (zoom chat box only)
  • Change chat box width/height to full screen/normal size.
  • Jump up to top of chat, whether it was 2 messages or 2000 messages ago
  • Jump down to bottom of chat, whether it was 2 messages or 2000 messages ago
  • Full width video, hide chat box
  • Full screen video
  • Browse or filter any previously saved stream chat while streaming or watching the current stream (in overlay)
  • Search any previously saved stream chat while streaming or watching the current stream (in overlay)

Toggle filter current chat or chat from two hours ago or more based on different categories...

  • ...filter chat on new sub events
  • ...filter chat on streamer messages
  • ...filter chat on moderator messages
  • ...filter chat on sub messages
  • ...filter chat on moderator and sub, or non moderator or sub messages
  • ...filter chat to text only, removing profile pics, emotes, commands, etc
  • ...filter out chat of commands and bot messages for yourself
  • ...filter chat on hashtags
  • ...filter chat on mentions

User Interface helpers

  • Clear current chat/messages by typing /clear to completely clean the chat box.
  • Mouse-over emotes and profile pictures to enlarge them to more easily see their details
  • Click a profile image of a user to immediately direct mention them in the chatbox
  • type @ to pull up a search menu of people who have typed in chat this stream (since you've been watching) to immediately direct mention them in the chatbox
  • type :: to pull up a search menu of Glimesh emoji's so you can GlimHype or GlimThis by just typing and using arrow keys

Individual Personal Customization Options

Customize your Glimesh stream experience even further if you wish with some of these fun and exciting options!

  • Custom background colour of chat bubble, or a transparent bubble to let your custom background shine through!
  • Custom user name colour
  • Custom highlighted chat text colour.
  • Custom regular chat colour.
  • Left handed screen. Flip screen so video is on the right and chat is on the left.
  • Upside down chat screen. Newest chat is on the top, oldest chat is on the bottom.
  • Text only chat. Hide emotes, timestamps, etc
  • Chat font size should be a certain size you choose
  • Chat font size enlarges as you mouse over it
  • Fixed chat window as you scroll down the page
  • Fixed video window as you scroll down the page
  • Fixed pinned messages, screencaps, clips of the stream to browse as you watch the current stream

Highlight different types of chat (they pop up as you quickly scan)

  • Highlight sub messages in a certain colour
  • Highlight moderator messages in a certain colour
  • Highlight VIP messages in a certain colour
  • Highlight @ mention messages in a certain colour
  • Highlight hashtags in a certain colour

Mute different types of chat (dim them to help ignore as you quickly scan)

  • Mute @ mention messages
  • Mute owner/streamer messages
  • Mute bot messages
  • Mute non moderator/sub
  • Mute follow alert messages
  • Mute subscribe alert messages

Hide immediately different types of chat

  • Hide @ mention messages
  • Hide owner/streamer messages
  • Hide bot messages
  • Hide non moderator/sub messages
  • Hide follow alert messages
  • Hide subscribe alert messages

Personal word filter

  • Hide a list of words you dont want to see on your screen
  • Highlight certain words in big text on your screen that you dont want to miss if someone mentions them

Text-To-Speech of certain keywords on your screen

  • Your computer will speak out loud chat messages which contain certain words you choose (such as your username)

Voice Commands

  • Speak with your mouth certain commands to type in chat commands, take a screenshot, post a room code as a pinned message, etc... for your viewers to read or see.

Purchase codes to enable these features

    Streamers can enable/disable any users from any of these features from their dashboard

  • Take annotations which are pinned messages for everyone to read
  • Take screencaps which people can browse by tag, game, etc
  • Take short video clips which people can browse by tag, game, etc

Auto-tag your caps or clips with 1 of 5 categories/tags in which you specify

  • You can setup keybinds to press after taking a cap/clip to quickly tag them for your viewers to search by, such as funny or winning_shot

Cap/clip presets

  • Don't waste time during your stream. Auto-set width, height, crop, SD, HD, or clip length in your settings to roll with them on the fly!

Social share presets

  • Frustrated with current limited sharing options? Perhaps you use Reddit, VK, Guilded or Gab instead? You can pre-set the social share options you would use for yourself for your latest cap or clip, even setting your own website or server as immediate share destination. Maybe send best screencaps or clips of the stream to a private Fanhouse or Patreon or SubscribeStar, the sky is the limit for you as the streamer.

Immediate editing tools you can use

  • Trim, crop, rotate, flip, mirror, adjust brightness, put stock music or templates behind it, remove audio, convert to audio clip, mp4 or animated gif as an optional step right after you take the clip. Be creative!
- I understand that at this time, 2021, the annotations, caps and clips are only activated for use by daily/regular streamers themselves in this trial run.
- I understand that at this time, 2021, the products are for use for desktop and laptop computers, and mobile devices will be supported later.
- I understand that at this time, 2021, the products are not supported via help by Google, Amazon or a large corporation.
- I understand that at this time, 2021, the products will not change radically from screenshots below in 2020 but we improve them weekly according to user feedback and they are in active development and will contain bugs or issues in this alpha state.
Videos about Glimesh (not ours)

Here is an official video from Glimesh about themselves and the launch

Here are outside links to non-Glimesh people talking about their hopes for and thoughts about Glimesh.

This is not an endorsement of these people or services but rather a collection of people who have recorded public videos about the subject.

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h4mm32 - 2 min video

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McCaulinator - 2 min video

Glimesh: How to create an account ready for Alpha - 3 min video

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Should You Be Streaming On Glimesh?

Spectacularpooh2414 - 10 min video

Glimesh Breaking News: Launch date is March 2nd. my thoughts..

Btown - 12 min video

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Lord Val Gaming - 12 min video

Thoughts on

GrandNoodleLite - 15 min video

Why I'll be streaming on Glimesh instead of Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, or Trovo!

Ryven Brodragon - 15 min video

How To Set up Glimboi |

Bill The Conquerer - 55 min interview

GBIRL Gaming Podcast - Can Glimesh Compete W/ Twitch Using Transparency, Sustainability As Weapons?

FreshTakesGaming - 1 hour 10 min interview

EP32 - Glimesh CEO Luke

Hotfix Podcast - 1 hour 13 min video

Interview with Glimesh founder: Luke

MoarDotsRadio Podcast 28 - 1 hour 43 min video Launch and Bots!

The Quartering -- 11 min video


Or read about Glimesh on...

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Contact Us / Support

Find @biolithic on the Glimesh Discord in the community projects channel or Click here for full contact list

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